Custom Embroidered Apparel Buying Tips

The demand for custom embroidered apparel is increasing. If you are thinking of getting your own custom embroidered apparel, do not think that the process of buying one is the same as buying a custom printed tee. They are two very different things. In order for you to get the best custom embroidered apparel, you should have some idea about the things that you must do and the things that you must avoid. Just like your every purchase, you surely do not want be buying products that does not only look good on you but also something you do not want to wear yourself. Be extra careful about buying your custom embroidered apparel. If this is your first time buying one, you have to learn as much as you can about custom embroidered apparel.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing custom embroidered apparel over printed clothing. The topmost benefits will have to include their being more durable and their being able to give you a wide range of color choices. In terms of color, usually, custom printed tees only come in one color. If you do need to use different colors, you can expect that their prices will go up. However, with custom embroidered apparel, you can choose as many colors as you can as long as it will fit your stitch count requirements. Another benefit to buying custom embroidered apparel will be the fact that you will be offered low numbers of minimum orders. For instance, in order for you to get a wholesale price for your custom printed tees, you need to order at least 144 shirts. However, with custom embroidered apparel being of high quality, you can still get a wholesale price even for just a few orders. There are even some wholesale retailers that offer you a wholesale price when you order a minimum of 12 custom embroidered apparel pieces. So, are you now excited to order your custom embroidered apparel? Before you place your orders, do not forget to read the following custom embroidered apparel buying tips.

Quality: If you intend for your custom embroidered apparel to last you a long time, you need to get high quality apparel such as clothing, first and foremost. Embroidery on the clothing has been shown to last longer than screen print on the clothing. That is why you also have to match the staying power of the embroidery on your clothing with your quality of clothing. Also, you should choose high-quality thread. Be sure to ask a professional vendor what is the best choice of thread that you must get for your custom embroidered apparel needs.

Embroidery cost: In terms of cost, you have to be careful with what you will be paying in the end as some custom embroidered apparel provider will be charging you not just with the cost of your clothing but also the set-up fee as well as the shipping fee. When your custom embroidered apparel provider will have another party do your custom embroidery, they might also be charging the shipping fee to and from their third-party provider.

Embroidery size/stitch counts: There are some custom embroidered apparel providers that charge you based on the stich count of your custom embroidered apparel. And this depends on how detailed your design is. For instance, if you have a bigger design that is simple, you will be paying less for it compared with a smaller design that is very detailed. Be sure to determine the number of stitches needed for your design and the stitch limit of your custom embroidered apparel provider. You should expect to pay more if your stitch number requirement is more than the stitch limit.