Dog Clothes Through the Years

Among the many animals people now consider as companions, dogs are the ones that are the closest to their hearts. They are among the few animals that most people treat as their equals, and for good reason. If you are a dog lover, then you are well aware of this matter. For most dog lovers, they make sure to provide not just the needs of their dogs but a few things that will spoil them. They give them more or less the same treatment as they give other people that is why it is very much common to see dogs wearing clothes these days. There is a lot of history with dog clothes that you need to know and you will learn more about them in this short article through the years.

If you look at most dog clothes of today, you will see that they are all but glitter and fancy accessories. However, did you know that the history of dog clothes started off in the military? Yes! You read that right! Dogs that were working for the military were the first ones that wore dog clothes. Nonetheless, the main reason for wearing such clothes is more on the practical side of things than for fashion. These military dogs had to wear clothes so they will camouflage better. In this way, they will be able to avert any enemy attacks and assaults.

Today, besides working with the military, dogs also worked with the police and also act as service dogs. However, dogs are more popular for being household pets. With how dog owners just love their pet dogs, they want to make sure that they also wear clothes like any other human being.

Dog clothing has evolved from the past to the present. For the past years, dog clothing was just all about the basic shirts and jackets for dogs. However, the dog apparel industry has greatly expanded and is now akin to the human apparel industry. Today, you can choose from different types of clothes and accessories for dogs as well as jewelry and shoes. There are even clothes for dogs that are made for special occasions like Halloween and Christmas. As you can see, clothes are no longer exclusive to humans but to dogs as well.

Until this day, a lot of people assume that dog clothing is just a new thing. But then, when you look at the history of dog clothing, you will see that it already existed; however, its use was not just for the sake of fashion but for more practical purposes. You can say the same thing with human clothing. What started off as something practical has now turned out as something fashion-worthy. Since dogs have been existing with humans for over 12,000 years today, you need not wonder that eventually, they would end up wearing clothes just like any human being.

It was in the year 1833 that dogs wearing clothes have been highly noted. Of course, these were not the regular dog owners. These were more of the royal families who had the luxury to dress up their dog companions in royal clothes. It was actually Princess Victoria who dressed up her Spaniel in a jacket with the royal blue color. The dog clothing industry then kicked off starting the 19th century.