Smart Tips on Choosing Clothing Based on Skin Color

The important thing that makes women confident is appearance. Appearance becomes very important for women. One of them is choosing clothes. Not only look at appearance, but a woman must also pay attention to the comfort and selection of Apparel & Clothing that aligned with the personality, especially whether matched or not with the skin color of the woman. Another thing if we choose the wrong fashion may create other effects, such as the impression of a slightly prominent cheek or other. What if we are right in choosing to clothe? We will look more beautiful without having to care what our skin color. If you understand about choosing the right clothes for your skin, you will not only look beautiful but also look elegant.

– White Skin Tones

You who have white skin may find it easier to choose clothes because there are many colors you can use, but there are some colors that you may have to avoid, such as purple, red, orange and yellow outfits and faded colors, because it will give the impression tangled. You can wear clothes with bright colors to make your skin look brilliant. In addition, the black color will give the impression of elegance on your skin. Pastel colors are also suitable for use for those of you who have a white color because these colors give you a sense of relaxed, relaxed, and interesting, as long as the pastel is not too pale color.

– Yellow Skin Tones

The color of yellow skin will be more attractive when wearing clothes with tropical colors such as green, red, and blue. In addition, yellow and orange will make your skin look brighter. But, you better avoid the colors of gold nuances such as caramel, brown and orange because it will look ordinary or can look duller.

– Brown Skin Tones

Appropriate clothing for brown skin tones is bright colors like orange, yellow, green, silver, pink, burgundy, navy, and gold. Also beige and light brown will make your skin look more attractive. You can also use a colored shirt mixed, meaning it does not have to be one color. If you want to use darker shades, you can combine them with bright colors to make it look more contrasting. The colors you need to avoid are olive, red, dark brown, green moss, dark blue, and red brick because these colors will make your skin look duller.

– Dark Skin Tones

You do not need to be inferior or less confident with dark skin. You can mix and match different colors to make your skin look more sexy and amazing. For those of you who have dark skin tones, the choice of primary colors such as black, white, soft blue, red, dark pink, yellow, lemon will make your skin tone more prominent. Also beige, light brown will make you brighter and darker brown, turquoise, black, green leaf, soft yellow is also suitable for your skin. But, you should avoid the color of rose, mauve, and pastel soft, because this color can cause a dull impression on your skin color.