Tips for Choosing Apparel For Formal Events

Clothing is an important thing that can affect our confidence in interacting with someone, some still think that we can use clothes or whatever clothes are important feels comfortable and look good when worn, in fact, this assumption is not completely wrong, but in interaction matters, we have to adjust where the temps and events we are dealing with, whether formal or non formal Apparel & Clothing.

But it would be wise if we can adjust to wear formal dress or clothing if we attend a formal event, and vice versa we can wear casual clothes if we are relaxed like a vacation, this kind of condition that we should pay attention. One thing we need to remember in adjusting clothes to attend an event is the selection of the right clothing color in addition to the adjustment to the color of the skin also we should be able to adjust the color of clothing with the momentum available, so not enough to equate the color of superiors and subordinates, but also we must know which color combinations fit one with the momentum of the meeting.

Here are tips on choosing the color and formal clothing model to attend a formal meeting:

– Try not to wear clothes of more than 3 contrasting colors, because mixing too many contrasting colors on clothing is less suitable for formal momentum, or arrogant impression, and solutions if you include people who love colorful clothing then use soft colors.

– Choose a color that matches your skin, if your skin is dark then use bright colors like white, beige, and so on. For brightly colored skin, then you can use more color, or with a combination of dark colors such as brown, black, and so on.

– Do not use subordinates with flashy colors such as red, yellow or orange, because colors like this are in use for subordinates will give an arrogant impression.

– Apply color dress coloring with time and place. Dark colors for formal events. While bright colors for informal events.

– If you like the use of belts or buckles, then choose a color for a belt that matches the color of shoes or sandals you wear, this will make you look more exotic.