Tips for Choosing Appropriate Clothes Short

Many women who despite using expensive and luxurious clothes but looks embarrassing and weird. Not because of the wrong costume or you are ugly but because the dress you wear does not fit your body shape and height. Find tips about Apparel & Clothing on our website.

– For a short stature, you should use a mini dress because it helps you to look tall. In addition, the mini dress you use do not be too loose and do not length not exceed the knee. Keep the mini dress fit on your waist and abdomen but widen at the bottom.

– For those of you who have a short and large body, you can wear a tight mini dress and long dress from top to thigh. Never use a backless dress because it will highlight the fat on your body. Give accents or decorations are a little crowded or wrinkled-frowned to give the impression of glamor and make your body slimmer. In addition, the dress you wear should be tight at the waist and hips to highlight the curve of your body.