Top Five Interesting Christmas Party Dress Codes to Keep in Mind

Are you assigned to organize your upcoming Christmas party whether it be at home or at work? Do you want to throw a party that will get stuck in the memories of those who will be attending it? If the answer to these two questions is a yes, then you begin by deciding what party theme you must have. Themed parties are always something worth buzzing no matter the occasion. And what makes themed parties more fun will have to be the dress code that both the hosts and the guests must follow. You can most definitely boost the mood of your party effortlessly by having a dress code.

To make your party more special and worth remembering, here are the top five interesting Christmas party dress codes that you can keep in mind. Choose any of these, and there is no doubt that people will be looking forward to what you have in store for them the coming years.

1. Funky theme: A great theme for enjoyment and fun. You just have to decide and tell your guests a color code, and they will be the ones to decide what they will be wearing. Make sure that their outfit will be both unique and funky as per dress code. This gives guests more freedom on how they want their attire to play out. Wearing something funky boosts the mood of your guests and the party. You can choose white and red colors for such a theme.

2. Santa Clause theme: One of the most common themes for Christmas parties. Again, the color code should be white and red. Make sure to have every guest wear the Santa hat. Prepare a list of all of your guests and make sure to get hats for each of them. Have someone in your family or in the workplace become your Santa Claus. You can bake cakes and garnish your food as per the theme and color code.

3. Fairy tale theme: This theme brings back a lot of childhood memories for those who will be attending your party. Ladies can wear gowns and fairy dresses while the gentlemen can be prince charming in their formal wear. This classic theme requires a lot of arrangements to be made and should be in order to welcome the princess and prince of the party. For sure, your guests will remember this party until next Christmas.

4. Cat theme: If you will be throwing a Christmas party for your fellow feline lovers, then this is the perfect theme for you. You can even have your beloved cats be part of this celebration. Have the venue decorated with anything related to cat like your wall hangings, pillow covers, artificial birds and mouse, and anything of such sort. Have your guests only wear cat apparel.

5. Mask party: This is another popular theme for a Christmas party. You can let your guests wear any attire but you have to make sure that they wear a mask. Their faces should be covered so that they will be hard to recognize. Have candles decorated around the venue and keep the venue lights dim.